Top 6 YouTube Videos Downloader Online

Post by Jammaz - 12th August, 2019

Do you want to download your favorite videos that are available on YouTube in your device?  Well, YouTube does not facilitate downloading of the content without the permission of the license holder and which is why one will have to use any third-party video downloader in order to accomplish the task of YouTube video downloading. 123convert is one of the best converters which one can use for downloading and converting YouTube videos to MP3. Nowadays, YouTube has taken the initiative of banning stream-ripping but 123convert will help you to get the alternative to continue downloading the content. Downloading any type of content is very feasible if you have 123convert. YouTube is making a lot of effort in order to stop the stream-ripping or reduce it but 123convert is like a savior to many people who want to opt for the websites.

YouTube downloaders will allow you to save the videos that are available on the video hosting websites so you will be able to watch it offline whenever you desire. One can download the video of their choice in their preferred format. You can also download the entire playlist with just one click. One will help you to download the video podcasts or music videos and one will not require to have a lot of technical knowledge to use these downloaders and it is easy to use.

All the YouTube videos downloader are constantly changing and upgrading its functionalities so make sure that the downloader is up to date with your device. If you want to save some music files from YouTube then you can do it with the help of YouTube video to audio downloaders as it will help you to convert MP4 to MP3 formats.

Ways to download YouTube videos for free

The first thing that you will have to keep in mind is according to the terms of services of YouTube using any type of third party downloader for downloading the YouTube content is completely forbidden. So it is a platform that will allow you to only stream the videos online unless you are owning the YouTube content to yourself. Downloading them is definitely copyright infringement. 

It is very important to have the permission of the copyright holder to download the video or the video needs to be in the public domain. So here is a list of top 5 YouTube downloader that you can try for downloading the content without any hassle. 

123Convert: 123Convert is currently the Best youtube videos converter and downloader because it allows you to convert and download videos from youtube without having to install any software, all can be done on your web browser with just a single click. It also supports converting 4K videos so you can download all your favorite high definition videos easily. 


4K Video Downloader: 4K Video Downloader is a flexible, free and fast YouTube downloader and is holding the top position in this list. This software is great for downloading different types of format and you can even download an entire playlist. The best part of this downloader is you will be able to download the 360 degree or 3D videos as well. 4K Video Downloader is widely recommended because this is a free tool and apart from that anyone can use it because of the simple interface. 

It is also highly customizable and it comes with loaded functionalities. This downloader does not come with any type of extra bundled software. It can definitely help in downloading a playlist if it does not contain more than 24 videos. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video and paste it on the web browser. Now you will have to pick the desired output format, location, and quality and click on the download button. 

When it comes to downloading audio or videos you will get wide choices in terms of formats including YouTube to MP3 converter and Youtube to MP4 converting. It can easily support 360 degree and 3D videos as well. This YouTube downloader will help in the multi-stream video tweaking. 4K Video Downloader also comes with a premium version which you will have to purchase in order to download a playlist that contains more than 24 videos. Apart from that one can also use the free version as well as they are equally beneficial. 


WinX YouTube Downloader: WinX YouTube Downloader is one of the simplest, clear, well designed and powerful YouTube downloader. It can easily support more than 30 different video sites. One can easily download videos with 4K resolution with the help of this downloader. Batch downloading works efficiently with this downloader. If you want to download your favourite videos from any type of website then you can definitely use this downloader. 

It may fail to download any video that contains the 360-degree videos. One can easily use this software and all they need to do is paste the URL and pick the output format for altering the quality settings. The video will be downloaded after getting added to the recent batch. After adding all the videos all you need to do is click on the download button and after the completion of the processing, it will be saved on the destination folder of the device.

It might fail to download 360 videos or 3D videos but you can definitely download up to 4K resolution videos. This is one of the highly recommended YouTube video downloader that you will come across. 


Any Video Converter Free:  Any Video Converter Free is a YouTube video downloader that can support excellent formats and has a video editor that is built in it. It won't be able to facilitate batch downloading. This YouTube downloader is definitely one of the best YouTube downloaders that you will find in the market. If you are opting for the free version of this YouTube downloader then you will be able to download only single videos so batch downloading will not be provided to you. It is a great downloader to try out if you are looking for some free options. 

You can easily choose different types of video formats for downloading the video and you will get a basic editor that will help you to edit the videos according to your need. After downloading the video, cropping out any specific part is very easy with this downloader and it will also help in adding some simple effect like adding some overlay text or colour adjustment. Performing all the task in this downloader is very simple and quick. It might be confusing for you, in the beginning, to understand the interface of this downloader so with the time you will be acquainted with it. 

Always try to avoid Yahoo software or ByteFence software during the installation process. 


Free YouTube Download: Free YouTube Download is a great platform if you are looking for software that will help you to grab the videos and auto download them. If you want to perform batch downloading then this is right downloader. This application is very simple to use and it is mainly focusing on downloading YouTube videos. All you need to do is paste the URL from the YouTube video into this downloader and click the download button and the job will be done within few minutes. If you can enable auto-downloading option then it will do the task without so much of hassle. 

Batch downloading that is facilitated by this YouTube downloader will help you to download the entire playlist easily. After downloading you can definitely convert them into various formats. Depending on the video quality that you are downloading you can convert them accordingly. In most of the cases MP4, AVI, MKV, and iPhone or iPad are available. One of the biggest drawbacks of this YouTube downloader is it will allow you to download the video that has a duration of fewer than 3 minutes. So if you are thinking of downloading anything that is more than 3 minutes then this is not the perfect downloader. 


aTube Catcher: aTube Catcher will facilitate downloading, converting and merging of videos. This YouTube downloader will help in batch downloading and will also convert the video in various formats. It comes with adware that is installed. It will not only help in saving the videos that are available on the YouTube platform but it can also save the videos that are available in various hosting sites. Make sure you are not installing any type of sneaky adware. 

The first thing that you need to do is click on the cancel button when you open the app first and then you will have to decline the second popup. After that, you will be able to easily enjoy all the videos without unwanted surprises. One can easily download the videos and also convert it automatically to various popular formats. It will allow you to watch the videos in different types of devices. 

The best part of this downloader is you will be able to perform batch downloading. This YouTube downloader is free to use and will also come with added functionalities like the ability to record the video that is playing on the screen, disc burning and video merging. 


All the six YouTube videos downloaders is completely free to use. Each of them has its own functionality that will help you to download the content that you want. One can also opt for the paid version in order to get more functionalities. 

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