Difference between online YouTube converter and software

Post by Jammaz - 11th August, 2019

It is very clear to each of the YouTube users that if they want to convert videos from YouTube, then they will have to either use an online platform or downloaded software. However, we do not the difference between these two. So, here are all the important points that will tell you about these two platforms.

Why convert YouTube videos?

There are a lot of reasons for which one should convert YouTube videos into their desired format. Some of them are mentioned in the list below.

  • The first reason for which you should convert your YouTube video in the desired format is that we do not get the internet connection everywhere, every time. In such cases, you should take your YouTube video and should download it. You could even convert in MP3 format and could save it for later, especially songs. Well, in this way, you won’t get bored when there is no internet around.


  • There are a lot of times when you are traveling and you could not get access to the application and the reason behind this could be anything. In this case, you will need these downloaded and converted videos. So, one could download the videos and could convert them in the desired format before traveling.


  • There are a lot of videos on YouTube that become our favorite and we want to see it again and again. Now, if we will see it again and again, we are going to use a lot of internet data. To avoid it, one could simply download the video that he or she likes and could convert them in the format you want. If you want to keep it as video only, you could do YouTube to MP4 converter and the songs could be converted in MP3 format.

So, these were three important points that could compel you to download and convert videos in the desired format. Now, it is the time to discuss how to pick the perfect or right YouTube converter for you.


How to select a YouTube converter?

There are a lot of YouTube downloader and converter on the internet, but if you do not select the best one, then it is going to create a problem for you. So, the selection needs to be done carefully. Here are some of the tips that could help you in choosing a good converter for you.

Download from a reputed source

The source from where you are downloading the video should be authentic. Now, if you talk about the examples, then there are many. The first thing that you could do is you could simply go to the play store or apple store to download one. If the converters there are not of your choice, then you could simply go to any website on the internet and then could download the converter from there. Make sure to check the authentication of the website before downloading the converter.

Read reviews before downloading it

Before you go and download the converter, you should read the reviews regarding it. Now, one notable point here is that you should take care of the fact that from where you are reading the review. It again should be from a place that could be trusted. The reviews that are written by the users could be biased, but one which comes in tech magazine could be trusted. There are a lot of such magazines, online and offline and you could easily refer to them.

Do an antivirus test

Once you have a downloaded the converter, it is the time to conduct an antivirus test. It could either be done by scanning it through the antivirus that is already there, if not, then there are a lot of antivirus tools online that could help you in checking the downloader. Now, once you have scanned the downloader, you will be able to test bugs and other related things.

Do not provide unnecessary information

There is a lot of downloaders that will ask you your personal info. The details that are required and are important for registering you there, should be entered there. However, one should not provide any information more than that.

Check preview

Before downloading a YouTube converter, you should check the preview of it. Checking the preview of the converter will give you an idea about it. You will know what features are there in the converter. So, once it is downloaded, you can check whether it is working properly or not. This will also help you in deciding whether the downloader is good or not. Even if there is no preview there, some description must be there. Read that and then compare it with the converter that you have downloaded.

Download videos only from YouTube

There are a lot of video converters that have a web search option too with them. They will ask you to search for your favorite video’s URL through that. Here, you need to check the URL and you should be sure that it has been taken from YouTube only.

Check your computer’s behavior

Last, but not least, after downloading the converter, you should check the behavior of your computer. Till now, you have followed everything that will help you in getting a good YouTube converter, but this is the final check. After all these things, you downloaded the converter. Now, if for some reason your PC is not working properly, due to it, then there is some problem with it and you should immediately uninstall it.


So, these were the points that could help you in getting the best converter for your YouTube videos. Now, let us draw a comparison between an online YouTube converter and an offline converter.

Online YouTube converter

The online YouTube converter has a lot of advantages to it. The first and the foremost thing that you get once you have decided to use the online YouTube converter is the fast speed for your YouTube to MP3 convert. You will be able to convert your files within seconds if you are using any good YouTube converter. Another good thing about these applications is that they support all the operating systems and one could easily convert files, irrespective of which operating system they are using. The biggest thing that you could get from these applications is that you will be able to download and, could be DailyMotion, Megavideo, Spike, Metacafe, and many others. Not just this, but the online YouTube converter could help you in converting the file in various formats. These formats could be WMV, MP4, MPG1, 3GP and what not. It will act as a YouTube video downloader too.

Once you have selected your file for conversion, expect the highest quality HD output after the process gets completed. You could either choose the quality of your own desire. Now, the problem with the online YouTube converter is that it will take a lot of your internet data, in order to convert the file. Along with that, it is not necessary that the online YouTube converter that you will use will be free. There are some of the applications, where you could use a free trial version, but after that, you will have to pay.  So, these are two of the drawbacks that you could face if you are using the Online YouTube converter.


Offline YouTube converter

The first similarity between the two types of converters is that they both are used for converting YouTube files in the desired format. Now, this is the point where the difference too arises. The first difference that you will notice in here is that the offline YouTube converter is not able to download or convert files from various platforms other than YouTube. Not just this, but the formats that are supported by these applications are also very limited. Well, if you are someone, who just wants to convert files from YouTube, then these applications are good enough for you. These applications are the best for converting YouTube video to audio.

These types of application to support all the operating systems. The best thing about these applications is that once you have downloaded the application, you do not need to use your internet again and again. Above all, these applications come for free, so if all your requirements are fulfilled by the application, you could easily rely upon it.

So, this was a clear comparison between the two types of YouTube converters. All the features that are important, according to both the converters are written clearly. With the clear points, we could make out that both the applications have their own pros and cons and one could decide which one suits them the best. Now, if you ask for recommendations, then the online one is better in a lot of ways. You could do the conversion of the videos as soon as you want. Also, if you download the online converter, then you will be able to download videos from other platforms also.

Comparing each and every point, it is clear that one should definitely use the online YouTube converter. This will not just help you in downloading the videos from various platforms, but will also help you in downloading and converting in various formats.



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